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For Businesses

It’s all about the people. Having the right people drives growth, recalibrates workplace culture and enhances the environment.

As headhunters of the top commission-only agents, we bring your business the high-performers it needs, but we also arm you with the tools and resources to streamline success. Prior to the recruitment process, we offer consulting and training to refine the value proposition and establish yours as an attraction business.

We can advise on support systems, retention strategies, increasing profitability, GCI growth, lead generation implementation and improving internal culture to gain additional revenue and profitability for your business.

Once you are ready to recruit, we can assist in sourcing talent, contract negotiation, independent contractor status and EBU training. We operate with discretion, market loyalty and an intimate understanding of what you want for your business. After you see what we can do for you, you’ll never let us go.

We work with the best businesses, the best agents, and those who strive to be them.

For Agents

We’re the agent’s agent. Which means we can offer you assurance in your next move. That’s why we exist. We are independent and only work with successful and progressive real estate businesses who will invest in you. Businesses that provide the right support, marketing and training to increase your market visibility, aid your efficiency and, most importantly, your profitability. 

We understand the industry, and what is needed to succeed in each different marketplace. So we’re focused on your individual requirements. We help map your support and growth and match you with the right brand, the right culture, the right training, the right mentoring, the right contract!

Once you’ve transitioned, we stay in touch to ensure expectations have been met, promises honoured and that you are thriving. Your success is our success, so let's make all your workplace dreams come true.

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